PC Thuggery in Action

"The civil rights commission has decided we can no longer call it Good Friday. We have to call it 'Celebrating Spring', and I was dumbfounded. I thought, 'What?"

Members of the council didn't vote on the decision. They didn't even know about it, until an article published in the Quad City Times last week.

Thanks Stephanie!


commoncents said...

Jenna Fischer

Southern Man said...

What a bunch of insufferable asses. Do they not realize that any "holiday" is by the very nature of the word a religious day. The word holiday (originally haligdaeg) means literally holy day. We should give them what they want. Don't change the names of the holy days simply do away with them. Let these asses suffer. Christians will still observe what is holy to them and these morons will lose paid time off from work.

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