How to Rip a Bandage Off

For years the government has taught us that any amount of the “American Dream” can be achieved with just a little help from the government. Watch what we do and duplicate it. Unfortunately the truth is that the “American Dream” has disappeared in a trace of entitlement mentality brought about by the government. After years and years of throwing money at each and every “crisis” that can only be fixed by more government interaction we have reached a point that for America to survive we must now face the fact that the bandage must be ripped off or the health of the “American Dream” will disappear from the face of the earth and “Capitalism” will go down the dustbin of history as a failed experiment.

We have watched time and time again when as problem with government has failed us. Preached on high from all our betters as the intelligent class likes to tell us, we need only to rely more and more on the government’s answers. But, the government’s answers are always people that are concerned not so much of the hard choices that must be made but as the best way to secure their continued gig as government employees. With great benefits. They even get to set their own wages and tell you what you must pay to employ others in your business even if they are not worth that price. It’s only fair.

Now we have come to a point that within the next decade nearly all of the estimated revenue of our taxes will be needed to just pay the interest of our debt that was needed to secure all those 535 jobs that have failed to make the hard choices. The money that was extracted from us to have these people do the jobs that we elected them to do.

We now have to make a decision of which way we wish to accomplish this feat. Do we rip the bandage of entitlement slowly and make it a long and painful removal or do we do the fast rip, hurts for a few moments and we continue on our way? We must bring the American Dream back to the founder’s intentions. Where hard work is not a determent but a ways to a means. Where if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Surely we can distinguish between those that can’t as opposed to those that won’t. Time to quit giving excuses for the poor that won’t, time to give praise and prosperity to those that do. It’s going to hurt no matter what direction we take but the time of coddling the non producers and rewarding bad behavior has lasted nearly 55 years. It has failed. I’m tired of paying for that experiment.



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