Health Scam Passed the House

Health Care Reform Passes, But At What Cost? "This bill is unlikely to achieve most of the objectives that have been set out for it. In the end, then, we’re left with a highly expensive, fiscally dangerous expansion of health insurance that locks even more people into a broken system. That’s an achievement, all right, but not a particularly good one."

Healthcare Bill Will Stir The Next Greatest Generation. "Together, in the chilling dawn of the wake-up call that is the bankrupting powergrab sham that is ObamaCare and the sliming of integrity with which it has been pressed, with the abandonment of allies and the kowtowing to foes, the heavy prices will fall most upon them along with the rest of us.

“Damn Dems” will be the next greatest generation’s battle cry. A cross-generational battle cry."

The real arithmetic of health-care reform. "The bottom line is that Congress would spend a lot more; steal funds from education, Social Security and long-term care to cover the gap; and promise that future Congresses will make up for it by taxing more and spending less."

National Health Insurance Reform Done "This was rammed down the throats of the American people with as much cynicism, trickery, deliberate obfuscation, and budgetary tomfoolery as has ever been seen for a major piece of legislation in the history of the republic."


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