Ads on School Busses?

In my home state of Utah, a bill was recently shot down that proposed allowing private companies to advertise on the outside of school buses, just like they do city buses, with all proceeds going directly to public education. It was shot down despite public support.

I say that as long as the ads are approved by the school district and won't have a negative impact on the kids, I'm all for it. In other words, if the ads aren't for beer, french fries or Planned Parent hood, but rather for things like sports, clothing, etc., I see nothing to lose, but a lot of money to gain.

Utah's schools are underfunded, and some districts face cuts, including teachers. How can it be bad if it means no increased taxes and it saves jobs? Do it!

What are your thoughts on this?

School bus ads bill likely dead, but Utahns support it


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