Third Party is the Wrong Party for Tea Partiers

There is no mystery about what most Tea Partiers seek — a limited, transparent government that listens to them and resists ideologues with millennial blueprints to remake America in their own image, minimal taxation and regulation, strong national defense, and an unapologetic commitment to American exceptionalism abroad.

Tea Partiers should seek out or field candidates in both major parties who support those aims and do everything possible to elect them, then hold their feet to the fire of accountability. Just imagine a bipartisan Tea Party Caucus with sufficient numbers in Congress to drive the national agenda.

That could be a conquering army like none before in American politics.


What are your thoughts? Historically, third parties haven't worked, I'm a little hesitant to embrace one. It's clear something has to be done, since we conservatives are not being accurately represented, I'm just not sure what to do.


Rev. Paul said...

I believe you're correct: we must renounce party allegiance, and seek out the most conservative candidates we can find - regardless of their affiliation.

Notorious Nick said...

Well said. I don't consider myself a republican, I consider myself a conservative. It does seem, however, that Republican candidates most often closely represent my views (speaking strictly of candidates with any sort of chance at winning the election).

Captain Dreadlocke said...

Don't let your Party be taken over by a third party candidate. Scorched earth policies have no place in primaries. John McCain take note- Your radio ads sound like they were produced by the Daily Kos, character is severely lacking!

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