Government Spending News

More than three-quarters of the $2 billion in federal stimulus funds intended to create green-energy jobs in the U.S. has gone to foreign-owned companies

Despite millions in federal tax credits, wind-equipment manufacturers cut thousands of jobs in the U.S. last year

Las Vegas receives $4.5 million federal grant to build the neon museum

Alaska Senators fight to restore funding for earmark that both President Bush and Obama have tried to eliminate

New Jersey Senator prodded the Federal Reserve to aid a struggling bank whose chairman and vice chairman were big campaign contributors

Media critics agree the U.S. Census Bureau's $2.5 million Super Bowl ad was one of the worst

$501,940 of federal stimulus aid will help finance an animal shelter, which will include pet bathing areas and a kitten nursery

Only 11% of Americans think the government spends taxpayers' money wisely and 83% say the size of the federal budget deficit is due to the unwillingness of politicians to cut government spending

75% of voters are angry at the government's current policies; 59% believe cutting taxes is better than increasing government spending for job-creation, but 72% expect Washington politicians to increase spending instead



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