Top 100 Conservatives - Part 5

Here is part 5 of the 100 most influential conservatives. Any names you disagree with? You can also visit the Telegraph for more info on each conservative.

1. Dick Cheney
Former Vice President of the United States

2. Rush Limbaugh
Talk radio host

3. Matt Drudge
Internet pioneer, owner of The Drudge Report

4. Sarah Palin
Former Alaska governor

5. Robert Gates
Defence Secretary

6. Glenn Beck
Fox News presenter

7.Roger Ailes
President, Fox News Channel

8. David Petraeus
Head of US Central Command

9. Paul Ryan
Wisconsin congressman

10.Tim Pawlenty
Governor of Minnesota

11. Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts

12. George W. Bush
Former President

13. John Roberts
Supreme Court Chief Justice

14. Haley Barbour
Governor of Mississippi

15. Eric Cantor
Congressman for Virginia

16. John McCain (Bwa-ha!)
Senator for Arizona

17. Mike Pence
Indiana congressman

18. Bob McDonnell
Governor-elect of Virginia

19. Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

20. Mike Huckabee
Presidential hopeful


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