Top 100 Conservatives - Part 4

Here is part 4 of the 100 most influential conservatives. Any names you disagree with? You can also visit the Telegraph for more info on each conservative.

21. Andrew Breitbart

22. Bobby Jindal
Governor for Louisiana

23. Sean Hannity

24. Charles Krauthammer

25. David Brooks

26. Mark Levin
Talk radio host

27. Mitch McConnell
Senator for Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader

28. Laura Ingraham
Talk radio host

29. Joe Lieberman
Senator for Connecticut

30. Antonin Scalia
Supreme Court justice

31. John Boehner
Minority leader, House of Representatives

32. Karl Rove
Commentator, former strategist for George W Bush

33. David Frum

34. Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

35. Edwin Feulner
President, Heritage Foundation

36. John Bolton
Former US ambassador to the UN

37. Tom Coburn
Senator for Oklahoma

38. Rich Lowry
Editor of National Review Online

39. Mitch Daniels
Governor of Indiana

40. John Thune
Senator for South Dakota

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