Top 100 Conservatives - Part 2

Here is part 2 of the 100 most influential conservatives. Any names you disagree with (Joe Scarborough, cough, cough)? You can also visit the Telegraph for more info on each conservative.
80. Michelle Bachmann

79. Lou Dobbs

78. Meg Whitman
Candidate for Governor of California

77. Joe Wilson

76. Jeb Bush
Former Florida Governor

75. James Dobson
Chairman, Focus on the Family

74. Ann Coulter Commentator and author

73. Judd Gregg
Senator for New Hampshire

72. Tucker Carlson
Editor-in-chief, the Daily Caller

71. Dick Armey
Chairman, FreedomWorks

70. Michael Barone
Author, journalist and psephologist

69. Olympia Snowe
Senator for Maine

68. Paul Gigot
Editorial page editor, the Wall Street Journal

67. Joe Scarborough (Really? Moderate at best.)
Cable television host and former congressman

66. Victor Davis Hanson
Military historian and columnist

65. Erick Erickson
Blogger who leads a core team of 25 writers at

64. Chris Ruddy
Founder and CEO of Newsmax

63. Jim DeMint
Senator for South Carolina

62. Frank Luntz
Top Republican consultant

61. Jeff Flake
Republican rising star in Congress

Check back later for the rest of the list, from


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