Obama's Teleprompter Crutch

I'm beginning to think Obama isn't the most confident of speakers. He felt it necessary to use a teleprompter in a room full of sixth graders, then apparently felt he needed his crutches in a room with about a dozen people he already knows.

Seriously dude, bring some note cards with you if you are so worried about botching the speech.




Captain Dreadlocke said...

I don't think its a teleprompter at all. More like a GPS screen with the not-so-subliminal order- TURN LEFT!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I just read Obama didn't use the teleprompter to talk to the 6th graders; he used it to talk to the media. The guy who runs the Gateway Pundit blog is getting hammered right now for posting the initial assertion.

RIP said...

He's a Puppet for sure, but who are the puppet masters??

Notorious Nick said...

Soros? http://www.moonbattery.com/archives/2010/01/open-thread-547.html

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