Notoriously Conservative is Looking for Contributors

Conservative? Write well? Like standing on a soap box? Well why not blog for Notoriously Conservative. If you can post something at least once a week, don't already own your own blog, then shoot me an e-mail.

If you do own your own blog, and you would like to cross post an article on Notoriously Conservative, e-mail it to me, I'd be glad to look it over.

notoriouslyconservative (at)


Adam M. Woodford said...

I've aimed to write a mini-essay about once a week since I re-upped my blog last November 1. There are other features I like to post as well, but the idea behind tends to center upon matters both social and political. Take a look at my page and let me know what you think. Regards. (

Notorious Nick said...

Adam. Your site looks fantastic, and you write very well. If you ever have a piece that you would like me to cross post on NC, with a link back to your site, I'd be happy to do so. I'll also go ahead and add a link to your site on the blogroll. I did notice a one glaring omission however. A link to NC is nowhere to be found.

Keep up the good work.

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