Bob Bennett Has to Go

As a Utahan, I am quite familiar with Senator Bob Bennett. For a while now, I have held the opinion that he is far to liberal to represent such a conservative state, no matter how often he claims other wise. Red State has an article on his proposed health care bill, which many claim is more left than Mr. Obama's.

Compare the Bennett bill to ObamaCare:

Does it call for an “individual mandate” to purchase health insurance? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –
Yes. (see Title I, Subtitle A, Section 102)

Does it provide for criminal penalties and/or fines if someone fails to buy a government –mandated plan? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –
Yes. (see Title I, Subtitle A, Section 102)

Does it give Washington Bureaucrats significant authority to regulate every American’s health plan? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –
Yes. (see requirements and involvement of the Secretary throughout the bill, as well as massive involvement of IRS to administer the plan)

Does it force millions of Americans to change from existing health coverage, even if they like it? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –

Does it increase taxes on Americans? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –

Does it increase the cost of healthcare premiums? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –

Does it cover illegal aliens? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –

Does it force taxpayer funding of abortion? ObamaCare – Yes. Bennett –
Yes. (see Subtitle B)


As noted by Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review in
his April 2008 article on the Bennett bill:
The closer you look at it, the more it appears that Bennett-Wyden is a “compromise” in which the government takes over the financing of health care but, to save face, conservatives are allowed to pretend that the private sector is still in charge. Their plan is, in important respects, to the left of the ones being offered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and has been celebrated as such in liberal magazines.
Allow me to echo and agree whole heartedly with Red State: Bennett’s healthcare bill should be rejected. But even more, Bob Bennett should be rejected in the Utah Republican Primary – Utah and America deserve better.


Anonymous said...

First of all, RedState is run by some guy on the eastcoast who could care less what the people of Utah think and feel... he's getting paid to write junk like that. Secondly, the Healthy Americans Act was supported by numerous Republicans who would in no way support something far worse than Obamacare. If you actually read the Healthy Americans Act, and not RedState, then you will find that to be true. Please check your facts before you start to post nonsense about one of the most conservative members of Congress.

Notorious Nick said...

He may live on the East Coast, but I live in Utah, and this is only one of many liberal pieces of legislation Bennett has proposed. As to facts, you are in no position to reprimand, as you offer no facts of your own; your argument is pure conjecture.

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