Be a Good Boy and Pay Your Taxes

From the National Review Online:

When Scott Brown was elected to the Senate in Massachusetts, it was because he rode a “wave of voter frustration” (Associated Press) and “capitalized on voters’ disaffection with the status quo” (New York Times). “Anger” and “antipathy toward federal-government activism,” more than support for Brown, drove Massachusetts’s voters to go with the Republican (Washington Post).

When Oregon voters approved tax increases on corporations and families making over $250,000, however, it was because the voters had finally decided to “behave like responsible adults” (
Newsweek). It showed that Beaver State voters had bravely “gnawed back fears of tax hikes” (The Olympian) and “ended two decades of tax scrimping” (L.A. Times). What motivated them was the very opposite of the “anti-Washington sentiment” that animated Scott Brown’s campaign (CBS News). In voting for new taxes, voters in Oregon “bucked decades of anti-tax and anti-Salem sentiment” (The Oregonian).

When voters go for higher taxes, they are acting bravely, responsibly, and wisely. When they put Republicans into office, they are
throwing “temper tantrums.”


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