News Headlines - 12 16 09

Iran test-fires its most advanced missile... - Elephant in the room.

White Americans' majority to end by mid-century... - Nobody is having babies any more.

Health Bill:
UPDATE: Lieberman indicates 'support' for health bill... - Wow, world's fastest 180?
Howard Dean: Kill The Senate Bill'... - Doesn't think it's "progressive" enough.
Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform - Duh.

Climate talks deadlocked as clashes erupt outside...
Tear Gas Fired...
Forecast for Copenhagen: 'Heavy snowfall'... - Global warming causes cooling two. Convenient.
Journalists complain about freezing temperatures in press lines... - Can't have it all.
Video: Gore once again refuses to answer journalist's questions... - Surprise.
Al Gore- The Next Poet Laureate - Please, no...
UN Climate Chief: Next 24 Hours 'Are Absolutely Crucial'

Gay Marriage:
DC City Council votes to legalize gay marriage...

Round Two, Crashergate:
NOT AGAIN! Tourists enjoy White House breakfast... - I'd make a chicken and waffles comment, but that would be racist.
White House Crashers Part II: Duo Dines With Obama

As Obama Pushes For Second Stimulus, Federal Audit Agency Says States Have Only Spent One-Quarter of Funds Set Aside for Them in First Stimulus
Congress Travels More, and the Public Pays - Cut CEO's can't fly on private jets. At least they pay.
House Backs $290 Billion Increase in Federal Debt Limit - Yeah, that's what we need, debt.
AT A GLANCE: FOMC Keeps Rates Unchanged; Cites Signs Of Recovery
Senator Vows to Block Bernanke's Second Term at Fed

An Ugly Gun You Can Love: A Review of the XD-45 Compact

Navy SEALs:
HUMAN EVENTS Petition To Free the SEALs

Sen. Schumer Lashes Out At "Bitch" Flight Attendant - Potty mouth.

Susan Powell:
Police Treating Missing Utah Mom as Criminal Case
Susan Powell notebook seized by West Valley police, sources say - Hope they find her alive.


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