News Headlines - 12 04 09

Let the private sector flourish, Romney says - I like Romney.
Romney takes shots at Obama, offers own plan

Global Warming:
Copenhagen Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex..... - Well bless their hearts.
Schwarzenegger unveils dramatic climate change map which shows flooded San Francisco of the future... - Yay!
U.N. Hides Info on Self-Greening Plan
Copenhagen Conference to Create Huge 'Footprint' - Irony.
The Science and Politics of Climate Change

Health Care Bill:
Senate rejects Republican bid to stave off Medicare cuts - I thought Dems were the compasionate party?
Obama Health Overhaul May Fail to Cut Spending on Medical Care

Unemployment Takes a Dip - I like bean dip.
Bernanke Says He Saved America from Great Depression
Black Unemployment Reaches Great Depression Levels - Oops, Bernanke forgot about blacks.
Cut Taxes, Forget More Stimulus: Malone's Job Fix - Won't happen.

VIDEO: Bill Ayers dumps on Obama... - I'm sure he thought he raised him better than this.

After Taking U.S. Bailout, CHRYSLER Hires Italian Ad Agency... - Way to give back.

PartyGate:White House Stonewalling Investigation Into Security Breach

Palin, anti-abortion star
Palin dials back certificate remark
From the Daily POS, er, KOS:

Poll: Reid trails GOP opponents - Horray! Goodbye evil elf!
Dems Must Change Course to Avoid Big 2010 Losses

Tea Party:
Kaine: Tea parties 'devouring' GOP

US Allies Pledge 7000 More Troops for Afghanistan

The Global Warming Religion: Those Without Blind Faith Need Not Apply
As Americans Rack Up Billions More On Their Credit Cards The U.S. Economy Is Coming Apart Like A 20 Dollar Suit
The Temple Institute In Jerusalem Has Spent Approximately 27 Million Dollars On Preparations For The Rebuilding Of The Jewish Temple
20 Signs That The U.K. Has Become The Most Oppressive Big Brother Society On Earth


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