News Headlines - 12 03 09

Struggling media will need government help: US congressman... - Government run media, that sounds... Socialist.

Feds authorize first use of federal funding for human embryonic stem cells... - I don't understand why they can't harvest from other sources, even if they aren't as pleantiful.

Pentagon e-mails suggest distrust over ally Canada... - Maple syrup drinking scoundrels...

Gay Marriage:
NY Senate Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Bill... - Good for them. If only they knew how to reject tax hikes and spending.

Researcher: NASA hiding climate data...
Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'...
Obama science officials defend warming research...
India 'will not sign' binding emission cuts...
Chair for climate e-mail review
UK University to probe integrity of climate data
Obama scientist sees strong consensus on climate
Groupthink and the Global-Warming Industry

Obama shifts White House spotlight to unemployment - Eh, it's not as bad as health care.
Romney blasts Obama on jobs
Get a Job

Colo. Deputies Use Taser on 'Out of Control' Boy, 10 - I think this is getting out of hand. He's ten, you can cripple him with a wedgie.


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