News Headlines - 12 01 09

'Overexposed' Obama suddenly silent to White House press corps... - Finally.
Obama boosts prompter sales - What better way to be like Obama?
Barack abandons the young: President's policies hurt generation that put him in office - Disillusion.

Stephens: Climategate: Follow the Money - Isn't that always the case?
Mike Hulme and Jerome Ravetz
Shake hands with Al Gore for $1209 at UN conference... - Not enough hand sanitizer in the world.
Intrigue and Plot Twists in Global Climate Talks - It's like "Days of Our Lives"
With an Eye on Copenhagen, Senate Tiptoes Back Into Climate Debate
Bill Clinton: 'Global Warming Could Make Some Places Colder' - Ah, yes of course.

Government Waste:
Pelosi spends $2,993 on flowers... - Yet she still stinks.
D.C. Buys $900 Worth of Massages for Employees...

The Reds:
Russia building arms plants in Venezuela...
USA to stop counting new missiles in Russia...

Howard Dean Declares Debate Between Capitalism and Socialism to Be Over... - Did it ever start?

Big boost to BRAVO franchise... - Looks like it might be a publicity stunt.

Obama to Outline Plan to Send 30000 Troops to Afghanistan Over Six Months
Dem: Bush intentionally lost bin Laden - Yeah, cause that benefits him.

Health Care Bill:
Obama's Health Care Endgame
CBO: Senate health plan would raise some premiums - Der.

GOP establishment scorns purity test - They better listen if they want to win.

America Is Now a Socialist Nation.
Lying About Afghanistan
Lord Christopher Monckton on ClimateGate And Criminal Investigations
Five More Amateur Mistakes By the Obama Administration
Holding Out For a Fiscally Conservative Hero?
AP: Obama’s Illegal Aunt Is A Martyr
Y2Kyoto: Trouble In Hopenchangen
Tortured Logic: $40 billion will create 1 million jobs!
Little Green Footballs - reasons for leaving the right.
Obama May Allow US Soldiers to be Tried in the Hague
The Progressive Big Lie Alert System
Obama Will Send Biden to Help Win Afghanistan


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