Follow Up to Walmart Electric Carts

I suppose the source of my rant is less about people using those carts, and more about lazy people, rude people, and inconsiderate people, and I chose that particular subject to vent on.

I am really bother by the way some people behave. I know I'm not the good manners police, and maybe I should mind my own business, but I find it difficult.

Does it bother anyone else that people leave their shopping cart in their parking stall? Especially when the cart return is 10 feet away? Come on, be considerate, return the stupid thing.

One thing that really bothers me are those people that merge at the very last second, cutting in front of all the responsible people waiting patiently. I understand that occasionally someone may not realize they had to get over, or didn't realize that their turn was coming up, but come on. I see this daily on the way to work. There is one lane available for entering the northbound freeway. There is no light, just a lane that merges with traffic coming from the other direction. Some days there is a long wait in that lane. When it is busy I often see people driving in the lane next to the entrance lane, and then when they reach the entrance, they turn on their blinker, and try to cut in front of everyone else. Not only is it rude for all those waiting, but the person trying to merge comes to a complete stop, thus forcing everyone in the lane to stop behind them. Argh.

At this same intersection, I see people going past the exit, then making an illegal right turn onto the freeway entrance that is supposed to be used by those coming from the other direction.

At this very same intersection, I see people who are turning left onto the freeway when the arrow turns green. Long after it turns red, people are still flooding into the intersection to turn. Often, they can't get onto the freeway fast enough, and they end up blocking traffic in the intersection.

Why are people so inconsiderate? Do we only need to be nice face to face? I think how you drive is a direct reflection of your character. To me, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Hmm, I think I got that off my chest. Any opinions on the topic of rude people?


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