Obama's Contradiction on Health Care and Spending

What would the word be, ironic? Coincidental? I don't know how to describe Obama's claim yesterday that more government spending would lead to a double dip recession, followed closely by the senate health bill being released at a price tag of $849 billion, followed by Obama praising the bill. Wait, I thought more spending was bad, but now it's good? That was a quick turn around Mr. Obama. The only good news here? Several states say that they will sue the federal government if the health care bill is passed, because it is a violation of their state constitutions.


Captain Dreadlocke said...

From the Baduseage blog-

Remember well this eve. For on the morrow yer flesh may be voted ta be not yers. The common and educated, low born an noble who fortold this event was ridiculed. All manner 'o evil titles was placed upon the Patriots speakin' agin't this evil. Mark and remember the names an titles of those who vote themselves yer overseer on things personal like. Make yer mark accordinly if ye still has a vote come 2010.

A curse be on any who blindly follow the BMI mantra an force it upon others by rule 'o law.

Captain Dreadlocke

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