Obama, The First Black President?

Let me start by saying I think that placing a large emphasis on the color of one's skin is dumb, just stupid. I'd like to think I am more than the pale epidermis I'm covered with. People are people, we all have differences, but we have way more in common.

Also, I'm not discounting the significance of the first President to have black heritage. In fact, even though I don't like the man, I think that it is fantastic that our country has come this far since the civil rights movement. If only such a milestone could have been reached with a conservative black man.

What baffles me is that everyone seems ignore the fact that Obama is also white. He isn't really black, he is half black and half white. What happened to the other half? Also, his skin may be dark, but as far as his ethnicity, he is more like Alfonso Ribeiro, AKA Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.He is a whiter black dude than Michael Jackson. Remember, his Momma was white, and his Papa was black.

So let's get away from this whole skin color thing shall we? Obama could be known by so many other firsts. I have these suggestions:

-First socialist President. (I guess that's not true, if you count FDR)
-First President to throw like a girl. -First President to spend a gazillion dollars in 11 months.
-First President to spend ridiculous amounts of money and still accomplish absolutely nothing.
-First President to marry a woman capable of beating him in an arm wrestle. -First President to wear "mom jeans." -First President to make Narcissus look like a humble peasant.

I could go on at length here, but I think I got the ball rolling. Any other suggestions?

Also, don't get all righteous on me, calling me a racist. I honestly don't give a crap about the color of his skin, or anyone else's for that matter. What baffles me is other people discounting half his genetic code.


Joshua Snow said...

Right on brother. What's the color of his skin got to do with anything? He is a joke, no matter how you look at it and is using BLACK as a means to manipulate others. He's the furthest from a descent BLACK or WHITE man I've ever seen.

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