News Headlines - 11 24 09

Global Warming:
I hope climategate turns out to be the begining of the end for "man made" global warming.
Climategate: 'Greatest scandal in modern science'...
Call for Congressional investigation...
Paper: Junk science exposed among climate-change believers...
Settled Science? Corruption Behind Global Warming 'Consensus'

Heatlh Care Bill:
Honestly, what a good guy (even if I don't agree with most of his views). At least there are some Democrats (oh sorry, "independents) willing to stand up and fight. Good for him.
Lieberman Digs In on Public Option

Sarah Palin:
Palin sold 700,000 copies in her first week...

RASMUSSEN: Obama Poll Drops to New Low: -15

The 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% Of Workers Are Unemployed...
Economy's rebound not as strong as first thought...
US Economy Expanded at a 2.8% Rate in Third Quarter
Dems push $150B stock tax on Wall Street...

NYC Man Brought Back From Dead After 47 Minutes...

He's reached a decision, and he will let us know what it is... in a week.
Afghan troops announcement likely Dec. 1
US 'to send 34000 more troops to Afghanistan'

GOP 'purity test' weeds out false 'Reaganites'
Top Republican Lawmakers Not Invited to State Dinner
Forecast for Dem Primaries: Ugly

Canada's doctors told to stop using swine flu vaccine


Carl Levin Says New Income Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War Cost
9/11 families issue call to action
Sgt Kimberly Munley for the Congressional Medal of Honor?
Hindu Animal Slaughter Bad, Muslim Good
Let's Make a Deal, Health Care Reform Edition
The Blind Side
Ohio's Ben Konop Wants Kids to Starve so he can Give Gov't Payoffs to Unions
America In Decline; “Must Learn To Bow”, States Marxist


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