Gays are Going About it All Wrong

Hey gays, I mean guys, can I talk to you for a minute? Last Tuesdays loss in Maine was a tough blow. 31 states have now shot down gay marriage. Here's the thing, you are going about it all wrong.

If you want the government to stay out of your lives, so that you can live the lifestyle you want, why are you lobbying so hard for the government to interfere on the issue?

If you want to continue to gay-out with your lovers, without the government telling you no, then why are you trying to get the government to say that it is ok? If you want religious people and conservative people to accept your lifestyle, then why are you drawing battle lines, and attacking a union they hold sacred? You couldn't do anything more detrimental to your cause.

Quit the push for gay marriage, and just go on living your lives. Besides, marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. There is all sorts of work needed to make a marriage work. Also there is lots of bickering, nagging, and such. Just stay partners, doing your deeds in private, and enjoying life. There is no need to continue to try and force everyone to accept your lifestyle, because the fact is, the majority of Americans NEVER will.

If you want to be accepted, quit making your lifestyle so public. When you constantly throw parades, kiss-ins and protests, you are bringing attention to the fact that you are gay, which has the exact opposite effect of your ultimate goal; to be accepted, undiscriminated against, and acknowledged as no different from anybody else.

The government and the people of this country aren't telling you that you can't love who you want to love, sleep with who you want to sleep with, or live with who you want to live with. The people are simply saying, leave marriage alone. Honestly, be happy with the freedoms you have, and move towards acceptance of lifestyle, not acceptance of your values superseding the majority's. You can keep pushing, but we will ALWAYS push back.


Tasha said...

I largely agree with this, as a conservative lesbian, especially the parts about ridiculous pride parades and kiss-ins of which I've never been a part. At the same time, you do recognize that there are rights and freedoms that married couples have that I would want to have with any potential future life partner, right? (I'm 23 and single at the moment, but I still do think about it). I want to be able to visit a partner in the hospital during an emergency unquestioned, just like a husband or wife would. I would want to be able to adopt a child with her, or if either of us conceived a child through IVF, we would want the other to have equal custody rights, which isn't allowed in many states.

As an atheist, I don't give a hoot about the religious significance of marriage or the fact that the majority of the country will disagree with whom I love. They can have their rituals and their opinions. I don't even care if any legal contract I draw up with a future partner is called "marriage" or not. But I do think such a legal contract is necessary, since, as I said, I want to have the ability to set up legal domestic securities for myself and my future family. If this is called a "civil union" as opposed to marriage, fine, but many states that have banned marriage have also banned all forms of same-sex domestic partnerships, and that really is something I'm going to have to push back about.

Nifty Nick said...


I don't have a problem with civil unions. Everyone has a right to take care of those they love, and if they can do it through non-marriage means, I think that is fantastic.

Thanks for sharing your views.

Anonymous said...

gays simply do not have equal rights.

If they are taxed equally they should receive the same ability to control their estates, property ownership, wealth management and wills.

you are wrong to say it about values OR lifestyle. It is about equality.

You know - LIBERTY

Nifty Nick said...

I've never argued against them having equal rights as far as inheritance rights, property, etc. My argument is against gay marriage, not gay rights.

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