Al Gore the Carbon Billionaire

If your doctor invested millions into a pharmaceutical company, could you really trust him when it comes to prescribing medication? If Al Gore stood to make millions on green technology, as long as people still believed in global warming, could you really trust him when he says 'global warming is going to kill us all if we don't do something?' Well he does make millions, and he stands to make millions more. Al Gore will be the worlds first "carbon billionaire." As long as he and his cohorts can continue to dupe people into believing in global warming, they can continue to sell their green cars, light bulbs, power plants, etc., etc., etc. Of course he denies it.

Not only do many, including Gore stand to profit financially, his political counterparts can continue to increase the size and scope of government, under the guise of protection from global warming.

Yes folks, global warming is the hottest scam in town. Get your piece of the action today! I'm going to start selling rocks I find in my back yard, and marketing them as "carbon diffusers."


Chappy said... about those carbon diffusers...can I buy me a couple hundred or so? I really want to do my part.

Nifty Nick said...

Er, uh... Yeah, I'll go round some up, I mean, that is to say, create some diffusers, in my eco-friendly, bio-tech-diffusulation-modulator.

Chappy said...

Sounds complicated! It must be legit.

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