Video: White House Communications Director Praises Mao

In case you didn't pay attention in history class, Mao Zedong was the communist leader that formed the Peoples Republic of China. In the process he killed 54,000,000people.

Purges, etc. during the first few years: 2 million (10 estimates)
Great Leap Forward: 31-33 million (14 estimates)
Cultural Revolution: 1 million (13 estimates)
Ethnic Minorities, primarily Tibetans: 750-900 thousand (8 estimates)
Labor Camps: 20 million (5 estimates)
This produces a total of some 54,750,000 to 56,900,000 deaths.

During a speech to party cadre in 1958, Mao said: "He buried 460 scholars alive; we have buried forty-six thousand scholars alive... You [intellectuals] revile us for being Qin Shi Huangs. You are wrong. We have surpassed Qin Shi Huang a hundredfold."

Well, no wonder the guy likes him so much. Wait, what?



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