LGF Attacks Autistic Blogger

An article from our friends at Jumping in Pools:

Note: This article is not satire or humor.

Charles Johnson, writer for the formerly great Little Green Footballs, has gone on the record repeatedly stating that if a blog allows an offensive comment, it is as if the writer for the blog had written it themselves.

Well, in a hitpiece against us, Johnson allowed the following comment up on his site:
That picture happens to be of Joseph Chicoine, an autistic 20-year old college student who is a friend of my brother and I. We put a picture of him on the top of our blog, something that made him ecstatic. We made a difference in his life. We put him next to his hero John McCain so that everyone can see him in that light.

And along comes Cato the Elder, who could do nothing better than to insult an innocent autistic gentleman.

What has Charles Johnson done about this? Not only did he start the feeding frenzy, but he's read our blog and knows that it's an autistic student, but he refuses to take the comment down. If HotAir or Rush Limbaugh did this, he would insult them until his fingers bled. Instead, he promotes this sort of personal attack, being a blight on the blogosphere.

Charles, get over yourself and put a retraction.

Have you no shame?

UPDATE 11:42 pm:

Charles had the NERVE to defend the attack. He had a chance to end it, but directly continues the insults:
UPDATE: 12:27 am:
And now the original poster is asking CJ to cover it up. Johnson not only hasn't deleted the comment, but is still trashing us. He needs to not just delete the comment, but place a full retraction immediately.


Anonymous said...

LGF DID NOT attack an autistic blogger.

One of LGF COMMENTERS mocked a picture which a stupid blogger put at the top of his blog, thinking it was a picture of the blogger - an eminently reasonable assumption.

Turns out it wasn't a picture of the blogger but ALLEGEDLY(!) of his autistic friend (who is NOT a blogger). It is the blogger's fault for parading his poor friend's picture like that, making decent people think that this is a picture of the blogger himself.

If you don't delete or amend this posting you will just prove that you're a smear merchant.

Meadow said...

LGF is home to schizoid personalities whose only mission is to make life miserable for the rest of us. There are several bloggers around the net who no longer visit nor even mention LGF/CJ.

Anonymous said...

"It is the blogger's fault for parading his poor friend's picture like that, making decent people think that this is a picture of the blogger himself."

Decent? Lmao. You've got to be effin' kidding me.

"Decent" people don't go around cruelly mocking a person's appearance, regardless of WHO they are.

This Cato person took it upon himself to engage in pointless meanness, there is nothing "decent" or excusable about that.

That blogger had every right to post a picture of HIS friend on HIS blog. That does NOT give people like you and your friend Cato the right to engage in cruel behavior!

That blogger did not "make" anyone think anything. No one can force you to "think" anything and that is the stupidest, most ignorant excuse I have ever heard in my life!

The fact that you are here defending that sort of intolerable behavior tells me that you must condone it, and probably engage in it also. A bully sticking up for a bully.

lol @ you slithering in here to defend such pointless, cruel behavior in the name of DECENCY!

Phil said...

Wow, that first comment defends someone who attacked an autistic person. That must make you feel great.

AJ @ Autism Treatment for Children said...

That just goes to show the world that unfortunately there are people out there who have no heart or compasion for those that are different. It's such a shame.

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