Guest Post: Why President Obama Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is Absurd

We are lucky to have a guest post today from Michael Avitabile at Jumping Pools. Enjoy, and make sure to visit his site.

By now I'm sure you've all heard the news that Mr. Obama has won the coveted Nobel Prize in Peace. Now, my first reaction was quite similar to every other person who woke up to this news:


"All right, all right," I thought, "the President has done absolutely nothing in his Presidency, but maybe I'm missing something." Nope. In fact, the deadline to nominate people for the Peace Prize was February 1, only two weeks into the President's term. In other words, his merits to win the award were based all the way back in February. He still hasn't done anything, but apparently he did enough to win.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee's excuse: they were trying "to promote what he stands for and the positive processes that have started now." I'm sorry, committee members, but there are so many others that stand for so much more than the President. If it's awarded just on what he stands for, heck, then every pacifist should win one because guess what, they stand for peace. Every translator in the UN should get one because they help nations come together, every phone should win one because leaders talk into them (and who can say "let's live in peace" without a phone).

But even this absurdity isn't enough to make this choice try ridiculous. No, the President beat out people like a Colombian senator that got over a dozen hostages released and a life long peace activist.

I'm sorry, but this is just absurd.


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