Video: Obama Czar’s SHOCKING ADMISSION: ‘Green Jobs’ Goal is ‘Complete Revolution’ Away From ‘Gray Capitalism’

Do you understand why this is so alarming? It exposes the left's, and in particular, Obama's strategy. "Plant a radical kernel." Start with something small, but something small that can lead to much, much more, radical change. For instance, health care. Start by putting out this big bill, that scares everyone. Cut it down, by taking out the death panels and public option. People relax, compromise is reached, and the bill is passed. After a time, the masses become used to government involvement in health care, so adding to that power isn't such a scary idea. 1, 2, 3, 10 years from now, take advantage of a clause in the previously passed health care bill that allows you to increase government involvement in health care, introduce a public option etc.

The environment. Create green jobs, because more jobs aren't bad. People become accustomed. Increase regulation of industry to protect the environment. People become accustomed. Increase taxes on polluters. People become accustomed. Government takes over private industry in the name of "protecting the planet." No one bats an eye lash.

Moral? Don't let down your guard, don't accept what is wrong, don't become numb. Stand up and voice your opinion, and never compromise, never negotiate.


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