Saddam’s Military Planes Found in Serbia

So it has always been my theory that Saddam Hussein shipped most if not all, of his WMD's out of the country, to a friendly state, like, I dunno, Serbia. Well what do you know, maybe I was right.

Iraq’s missing Air Force jets have been traced to Serbia, where they are mostly in pieces. They have been cannibalized, parted out, or left to deteriorate over he past twenty years.

Iraqi officials said they found the planes in the process of trying to trace what Saddam, the former dictator, did with the country’s military assets. The 19 planes, all Soviet-built, were sent in 1989 to a Yugoslav maintenance plant in Zagreb, in what is now Croatia, but never got the overhauls they needed.

In 1991, when the Croatian war for independence broke out, the jets were transported to Serbia in parts. And there they remained.

If Iraq shipped it's planes there, I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that they shipped WMD's to Syria, or another friendly country. That means, A.) Bush was right, and B.) There are still some dangerous freaking weapons out there.

A delegation from Iraq will go to Belgrade to negotiate the return of the jets, but they are unlikely to help Iraq rebuild its air defenses. The Iraqi Air Force currently has no jets. Link - via


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