Public Option Dropped from Obamacare

What is the public option? Well, it is optional health insurance provided by the government. Under a public option, the government would provide health care that we cab choose to purchase. This public option would likely have lower rates thanks to taxpayer subsidies. Proponents often claim that that public option plans could pay for themselves. Perhaps, but very, very doubtful. More likely, they will not be profitable, and will rely on taxpayer support, if that is the case. This safety net of taxpayer dollars is an option private providers simply do not have.

Proponents argue that this public option will force private insurance companies to compete, thus lowering costs for everyone. Problem is, private insurance companies already compete with each other, and what we pay today is the result of that. How much more can they lower their prices, and still be viable?

If the government offered this public option, with tax payer subsidies to offset costs, thus providing lower rates, private companies would not be able to compete. After a time, these companies would die off, or at best, become marginalized. The government would come to dominate the industry, much like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the mortgage industry, and we all know how well that has turned out. Can you imagine government run health care, run just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? All the corruption, gut wrenching inefficiency, and fiscal responsibilities, making business decisions that are ultimately unsustainable and drag down the rest of the economy? No thanks.

So yes, it is good, no, great news that Obama has decided to drop this provision. But the fight isn't over, there is still so much wrong with the universal health care proposal. Don't stop fighting, don't stop protesting, don't stop voicing your opinions, writing newspapers, calling radio shows, e-mailing and writing your representatives, until the bill is dead in the water. Democrats may be in charge of the government, but we are still in charge of this country.



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