Little Green Footballs Has Gone Left - NC Offically Declares War

I've noticed a much more moderate tone at Little Green Footballs lately. Has LGF jumped the shark, and gone left of center? He has admitted that prior to 9/11 he used to be left of center; perhaps he is on his way back. As a good friend pointed out, CJ's claim to fame was exposing the forged "memo" that Dan Rather was hawking to smear GWB. All CJ did was post the proof that came as a tip from one of his readers.

There is a site out there with a list of those that have been banned from LGF, Kirly. There are over 928 in all. Why so ban happy? And why the recen moderate tones? For example, concerning Glenn Beck:

About 20 major companies have now pulled their advertisements from the Glenn Beck Comedy Hour; the latest to bail out is Farmers Insurance.


A Fox News spokesperson told the Daily News yesterday that “advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other programs on the network so there has been no revenue lost.”

... and that means this is a pretty meaningless boycott, since Fox News has no incentive to do anything about Beck’s extremist statements, even if they wanted to.
Concerning Barney Frank:

I’m not Barney Frank’s biggest fan (that would probably be him), but he handled this idiot with an "Obama = Hitler" sign exactly the right way.
Since when has Barney Frank handled anything the right way? Except perhaps a male intern.

On Obama:

Barack Obama ran on a platform of sheer positive messages. Not once did he wish for the other side to fail. You're just wrong to claim that negativity is winning strategy. One of the big reasons why Obama won was because he did NOT go negative -- ever
From Ace of Spades:

What was once a must read blog for news and analysis on my rss feed has recently become a once or twice a day stop and that's only for the car crash quality of it all.


Sadly I can only conclude there's no room for me anymore under LGF's big tent.

Looks to me like LGF has veered from the "right" course, and is now muddled in the gray mists of the middle ground. It's sad to see the ship go down.

What are your views on LGF? Do you agree? Were you banned? Why?

My fellow conservatives at Free Republic seem to agree with me. I therefore offically declare war on LGF, and add it to the long list of liberal, POS sites. Let it be heard, far and wide, LGF has fallen. I urge all of you to avoid the site. And if you still have an account there, get yourself banned, by calling him out!

Update: I have been blocked from LGF! Yay. I guess they didn't like me saying he was to PC, and getting to liberal. Cause that's all I said, and they blocked me.


madcap said...
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madcap said...

I posted this back in April. Charles went crazy with all the atheism. Watch the video, it's very well done, and funny...
Video- The Fall of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs

Bunk Strutts said...

I'll give the LGF lizard army credit for turning up the Dan Rather forgery (even Limbaugh did) as well as some of the blatant photo manipulation distributed by Al-Jazeera and published without question by AP. However, Charles Johnson is now a shill for Amazon, and he's lost a lot of credibility, at least for me.

Anonymous said...

Why should every thinking person be forced to align themselves with one of two ideologies - and then subscribe to every single "officially sanctioned" position? Why can't a person with a brain make up his or her own mind on individual issues? Case in point - I am a fiscal conservative, have voted Republican for decades, but I am not religious in any way, never have been. Does that make me any less conservative than you? I believe in limited government, but as a thinking man, I find Glenn Beck's commentary uninformed and of a rabble-rousing nature. I have friends who are Republicans and, horror of horror, Democrats. Does that make me less conservative than you? Would love to get your opinion on some of these questions.

Nifty Nick said...

I never claimed one had to align themselves to any ideology. My argument is based on the idea that he is a turn coat. He once claimed to align himself with conservative thought, and now is anything but.

LLORT3 said...

Good on CJ.

He probably got tired of all the racist wingnut craziness on the conservative blogosphere that he helped create.

Anonymous said...

What did Barney Frank ever do with any male interns? Are you thinking of conservative Republican Mark Foley, who actually did attempt to molest his male pages?

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