Grassroots or Astroturf? Libs Paying Drones to be "Activists"

So my buddy Bunk Strutts tells me that the DNC is paying it's mindless drones $9/hr to go door to door, preaching about global warming. Since this is 2x as much as the average liberal salary, I am sure there will be plenty of applicants. Here are some Obamanation job listings from the capitol of People’s Republic of California, via Soylent Green.

Here is what Caleb Howe from Redstate has to say on the subject:

So I started searching around, and posting links on Twitter, and reading links I
received by reply. Turns out there are hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements seeking “activists” who will be paid to support Obamacare. That’s right CNN. That’s right Olbermann. You want astroturf? It’s out there by the dozens. In support of, not in opposition to. (click the photo for a larger image)
Caleb Howe then goes on to post several photos of "grassroots" job listings, pushing the liberal agenda, specifically, Obamacare. He finishes with:
There are literally hundreds more. Go to Craigslist. Have fun. And ask yourself who the astroturfers are. Michelle Malkin may have an answer for you. Also find more at Looking At The Left. Or RedState diarist Charlie. Ed Morrissey has a great report here. And of course, RedState’s Jeff Emanuel.
Unbelievable. If the liberals don't have grassroots support, they just buy some. And perhaps the best part is, you are paying for it. Yep, liberals are constantly slipping in funding for "grassroots organizations" in their legislation, often under the name "charity" or "volunteer corp." Perhaps we could take a page from their book, and do some buying of our own. Though, is the ultimate price of eternal damnation really worth it? I dunno, I'll leave that up to you.


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