America IS a Center-Right, Conservative Country

From Powerline:

The Gallup Poll has undertaken an interesting project: measuring the ratio of self-identified conservatives to self-identified liberals on a state by state basis. Gallup interviewed 160,000 adults (not, apparently, likely voters) to compile its numbers.

The results will be gratifying to anyone who believes that America has been, and remains, a center-right country. Gallup classified states as Most Conservative, More Conservative, Somewhat Conservative or Less Conservative, depending on the percentage by which conservatives outnumber liberals. Here is the resulting map, with the darker colors being the most conservative; click to enlarge:

Now liberals will most certainly argue against these results. Funny thing is, they are the first to point to numbers, when it supports their cause. So if they say Gallup sucks, make sure to remind them of that, when they give you Gallup numbers of their own.

Anyway, this really did my heart good. If only conservatives would band together come election time, really do their research, and vote for the more conservative candidate.


Robert said...

Heck yeah we are! But when are we as a country going to get away from stereotypes of what it means to be conservative--white, hick, religious intolerance, sexual repression, racist, insensitive and the list goes on? If this is what most Americans think of when they think of the word, 'conservative' then we are going to continue to lose elections. What we need is to spread the message of the constitution once again and educate the public about the intentions of our founders, equal opportunity, not equal outcome etc. And we have to dispel once and for all why Switzerland and Sweden are portrayed as heaven on earth for liberals. I hate hearing, "Oh, but look at Sweden. They're socialist and look at their standard of living, universal health care etc." Well, the real truth is we as conservatives need to take down the Fed. Because it's the bane of our existence. Then we can address other things.

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