When a Liberal President Offends Helen Thomas with Lies, It's Bad

Obama is playing to his emotion charged, intellectually challenged constituents who can't be bothered with the facts by using a bogus, pathetic plant at his government health plan pep rally. This is representative of Obama's innate dishonesty.

NewsRealBlog: It turns out that the woman at a White House-sponsored healthcare forum who pulled the heartstrings of the media by asking President Obama for help in treating her cancer — as if she were channeling the afflicted who, in the New Testament, besought Jesus of Nazareth for a healing touch – was an Obama plant.

Debby Smith is a member of Organizing for America, a network of volunteers whose mission is to rouse public support for President Obama and his political and social agendas; it is also a project of the Democratic National Committee. Smith was invited to the event not by an outside group but by the White House itself.

No wonder the president hugged her.

Nowadays all presidents host tightly choreographed public events aimed at promoting their policy preferences but this one is particularly Riefenstahl-esque in its execution.

Even veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas (see video) thought the taxpayer-funded dog-and-pony show was a bit much.

“I’m amazed at you people who call for openness and transparency,” said Thomas, a hardcore liberal who called George W. Bush ”the worst president in American history.”

Thomas accused the White House of “controlling the press” and said just about all Obama events are “prepackaged.”

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was dismissive. “We’ve had this discussion before,” he said.

“Of course you would because you don’t have any answers,” Thomas shot back.

Gibbs mocked Thomas by gently laughing while she spoke. If you watch the video and observe his body language and tone of voice it’s obvious that he’s trying to make Thomas, who is 88 years old, look like a senile old kook. I may routinely disagree with her interpretation of events, but in this writer’s opinion she’s no fool.

The arrogance of Gibbs seems to be par for the course for the Obama White House which is intent on destroying the American healthcare system.

But this appalling lack of respect for old people foreshadows how Obama’s system of government-run healthcare would treat the elderly.

After all, Obama already admitted his plan for elder care amounts to launching the nation’s sick, old, expensive-to-treat people into the hereafter courtesy of government-provided ice floes.

That’s the ghoulish calculus of socialist medicine: if you’re too expensive to treat, you die.

Here's what happens when you ask about specifics of the plan:

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Ellen K said...

Gibbs is the typical administration hack who thinks he is oh so superior to everyone else. And that is the centerpoint of this administration, they know what's best for us, even if we don't agree on it. They are speedily cramming leftist legislation through in order to make sure that even a drastic overturn in Congress at the midterms won't thwart their leftist agenda.

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