Wanna Know What's Funny? At the Same Time in His Presidency, Bush Had Higher Approval Ratings

At USAToday, they have a comparative approval rating chart. You will notice that Obama today, has a lower approval rating that Bush had at his corresponding time period. Hope and change. Obama has a 55% Approval rating, and a 41% disapproval rating. While Bush had a 56% approval rating, and a 33% disapproval rating. Wanna know what else is funny? Jimmy Carter had a better approval rating as well. Jimmy was at 62% and 22%, respectively. Nixon? Yeah, he did better too, 58% and 36% respectively. In fact, of the last 11 presidents, only Bubba Clinton, and Gerald Ford have had worse approval ratings, to date. Looks like the liberal Messiah isn't beloved by all, after all.


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