Reverend Refuses to Marry Couple Because Bride Had Wedding Toast

Elyria, Ohio -- A local couple almost couldn't get married on their wedding day due to a runaway reverend.

An Elyria couple was preparing to take the plunge a week ago and get married on the beach at Lakeview beach in Lorain.

"We were extremely excited," says Erin Kuhns.

But just before Erin went to meet her soon-to-be husband Bret at the alter, the Reverend approached the limo. "She asked if I drank alcohol," Erin explains. "I said yes, we toasted wine at the house."

The Reverend Mrs. Gillian Kresila refused to marry the couple. She kept the $50 deposit and left the beach.

It was 4 p.m. and Erin was hysterical and Brett says, "I had no idea what was going on. No one would tell me. I just knew -- wedding -- not happening."

Once he learned what had happened, he was relieved that his bride didn't runaway, but furious the reverend did.

"I think it's ridiculous. We paid them and to deny service for no good reason, I can't believe a business would operate like that," Bret says.

Reverend Kresila says, "It's illegal to marry people who are under the influence in Ohio," and she could lose her license.

She said, "She is not a doctor and can not tell how one drink affects one person or anther person."

She said that is why they have a zero alcohol tolerance policy.
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On the one hand, I suppose the reverend was just following the rules. But on the other, I don't understand how the reverend could equate a wedding toast to intoxication. Furthermore, if the reverend wasn't going to marry them, she should not have kept the money. What do you think?

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Shane Vander Hart said...

I wonder if she bothered to inform them of this "rule" before hand. If she did, they're at fault whether it seems ridiculous or not. If she didn't then she's wrong.

Either way, she should have returned the money.

Nifty Nick said...

You could be right. But I am withholding judgment until I learn more about the law. Off the cuff, it seems like the reverend may have overreacted.

Joshua said...

Sounds like the reverend overreacted to me. A simple wedding toast never made anyone intoxicated. Plus regardless of that fact, the money should have been returned if service was refused.

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