Obama Snubbed / Dissed by the Russians?

So apparently this could be Obama appearing to be snubbed, but actually not. I have heard that this is simply Obama introducing the Russian Politician to his own people, and just appears that he is being snubbed. Oh well, looks like I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion. I still don't like the Russian government though.

Here is the original post, which, if this video is indeed false, I know respectfully withdraw:

Here is something found on MSNBC. Here is President Obama, the leader of the free world, coming out of the meeting with the Russians and no one seems to want to shake his hand. MSNBC said nothing about it but I found it amazing.

Is it funny that Obama was snubbed as a person? Yes of course. But what isn't funny is that the office of the President of the United States was treated in such a disrespectful manner. Obama may be a bum, but the United States is the greatest power in the world, and even if it were represented by a talking Yorkshire Terrier, the office of President should ALWAYS be respected and given the due courtesy. I don't like Obama, but if I was given the chance to meet him, I would be honored, because I respect the office of the President. Screw you Russian Political snobs, you vodka drinking, potato eating, pile of poor communist crap.


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