Obama Has a Love Child in Ghana?

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GHANA -- Air Force One swooped into Ghana yesterday, carrying an upbeat President Barack Obama planning to meet his illegitimate son for the first time. Only moments after leaving the plane, however, the president discovered his love child wanted nothing to do with him.

“I informed the president at the airport that he is an evil spirit, and because of this the boy did not want to see him,” said Hawabu Tarana, the juju (witch) doctor from the boy’s hometown of Kumasi, and family spokesman. “There is also a rumor going around that the reason Mr. Obama cannot produce a birth certificate is because he used it to roll some ganja and smoked it. We believe smoking paper invites evil spirits to take over the soul.

“The boy has been learning of Mr. Obama’s actions over the past few months, during our Saturday evening witch-doctor training ceremonies, where we drink powerful herbs and slip into trances and channel the events of the world. The boy, frankly, has been struck by Mr. Obama’s arrogance, something he doesn’t want exposure to.

“He was furthermore concerned the president’s plummeting approval rating so soon after taking office was indication that Mr. Obama was a snake oil salesman whose ‘Yes, We Can’ mantra was actually terribly bad juju that coerced 62 million evil spirits to vote for him. Also, the boy had read in tea leaves that the president wasn’t even going to come by, but instead planned to take his girls out for accra banana peanut cake, ice cream being a delicacy that is hard to come by in Ghana.”

Felix Afriyie, a young school boy from Kumasi, is said to be the president’s illegitimate son, sources say, from a union Obama had with the boy’s mother during a trip to West Africa while he was contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate.

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Also please note that this isn't a true story, it is just satire.


Dr. Dave said...

Oh...you are too kind. Thanks for this.

Attorney Optimization said...

Is it just me or does it seem like Obama is a love child of G Dub and Slick Willy?

Attorney Optimization said...

I'm sorry you can't have your own children - but taking another from a mother that with some help could most likely be a good mother is a little rough on the mother and on the child.

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