How Will They Run Health Care, if They Can't Run a Car Exchange Program?

'Clunkers' Program Running Out of Cash...

So a week into the "clunkers" program, and the Government is calling a timeout, because they are running out of money. Do you really want them in charge of your health care? The morons on Washington can't properly run a program meant to revive car dealerships and automakers, yet they want to be in charge of reviving you if you have a heart attack? Uh-uh, no thanks.

It's like I have said before, the Government very, very, rarely is successful in anything they do. This is just another failure, in a long line of failures, and it isn't suddenly going to get better when they tackle the monumental task of universal health care.

I to would love for everyone to have access to universal health care. It would be fantastic! But the fact is, it isn't economically feasible. What makes more fiscal sense, is to keep health care up to the individual, and for the government to find a way to make health care more economically available, perhaps through some sort of subsidy. Health insurance isn't a right, it is a luxury.

Car dealer: 'If they can't administer program like this, I'd be concerned about health insurance'...

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