Google Search: "Obama Sucks"

My next goal is to make "Obama Sucks" the #1 Google Search sometime this week in honor of his public address that is scheduled for Wednesday. The more humiliated and desperate he feels, the more likely he is to make mistakes and reveal his true self. Now that's the kind of transparency I'd LOVE to see. Remember, a little psychological warfare goes a long way. Once you have "Obama Sucks" in your search engine, then just keeping clicking the search button over and over and over... Just use the link below to getyourself started. Pass this along to as many people as possible.

Thanks: Mark & Samantha!


Anonymous said...

Obama already sucks 9.1 times more than Bush...let's make it 20x!

Dr. Dave said...

Just add it to the end of every title you post...

"Obama Meets with Democrats over Health Care -- Obama Sucks"

"Plane Crashes into Iranian Mountains -- Obama Sucks"

That'll get you there, Nick.

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