From Around the Conservative Blogosphere - 07/24/09

The DC Circus Surrounding Obama DeathCare

from Logistics Monster by Diamond Tiger
The circus surrounding Bambi’s DeathCare is getting more and more interesting. The rough timeline consists of Bambi saying this has to get passed before the August recess, Nancy saying she has the votes when she does not, the Blue Dogs balking at the close to $2 Trillion increase in the deficit, Bambi backing off his [...]

Obama Acted Stupidly

from Bluegrass Pundit by Bluegrass Pundit
An African-American Harvard professor lost his house keys. He broke into his own house and someone called the police and reported a burglary. From that point on, it gets weird. If the police came to my house to prevent a burglary, I would be appreciative. The professor had a different attitude. When the police showed up and asked [...]

MoveOn Hijacked

from Blogs For Victory by Mark Noonan
Local members had penciled in on today’s schedule a protest in front of Senator John Cornyn’s Spring Valley Road office, during which they had hoped to pressure the senator to support President Barack Obama’s public health care legislation. But when Paula Anderson, a member and spokeswoman [...]

Democrats Are Playing Hide-N-Seek With Official Obamacare Charts From GOP House Committee Members

from Weekly Political Review by NDGC_DX
Is Pelosi trying to hide the truth about Obama's healthcare plan from the public? It sure seems like it:House Republicans suggested Thursday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is standing in the way of Republicans sending to constituents a chart that is in the official record of the House Ways and Means Committee.The chart, recently submitted for the record during a Ways and Means hearing on the Democrats [...]

Judiciary Republicans delay Sotomayor vote 1 week

from TexasFred by TexasFred
Judiciary Republicans delay Sotomayor vote 1 week WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate Judiciary Committee has put off its vote on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor for one week after Republicans asked for a delay. Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy says the vote will occur on July 28. The Vermont Democrat says he’s disappointed the GOP held [...]


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