Free Market Solutions to Healthcare Exist

The single most important thing to remember in the current debate about the nation's healthcare system is that free market solutions are available, and they work. Barack Obama's contention that there are only 2 choices--his government takeover of healthcare, or doing nothing--is patently FALSE.

Other solutions, better solutions, are available and have never been tried on a national scale.

In fact, as a Senator, Barack Obama voted against every single free market solution to problems in healthcare that the GOP put forward.

The Democrats in Congress are currently embroiled in an inner-Party scuffle concerning the strong-arm tactics of proponents of socialized medicine, such as Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, and of course, Barack Obama himself along with his Chicago mob henchman, Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel.

This Washington gang is engaged in the tactics of threats and intimidation toward more conservative members of the Democratic Party, who urge a more cautious and cost-conscientious approach toward solving the problems in healthcare.

Today, Monday, the battle cranks up again.

On Friday the conservative 'blue dog' Dems stormed out of a meeting with Waxman, stating they had been 'lied to.' Negotiations on how to proceed came to an abrupt end, with ruffled feathers and hard feelings.

The blue dogs claim they are trying to 'save their Party' from its decidedly liberal leadership.

However, one important fact needs to be kept in mind--the blue dogs are not proposing a serious free market solution to healthcare. To them, the only point of contention is how far should the government go in its takeover, and how much should it cost.

Read the rest of Anthony Martin's article, here.

Democrats seem to have some sort of hatred for private enterprise, and for non-governmental entities. They seem to think that the American people can't do anything for themselves, and that the Government is the only thing that can solve our problems. Can you name one successful government program? One free of waste, bureaucracy, red tape and corruption? Can you name one government program that could not be better handled by private enterprise, or the people? The postal service? Bah. Social Security? Bah. Medicare? Bah. Food stamps? Bah. Welfare? Bah. Even the military, that can't be run by any other entity but the Federal Government, is mired in waste, and inefficiencies.

The solution to healthcare does not lie in a huge, convoluted, infuriatingly complex, yet totally inefficient, Government run health care system.


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