Are you smarter than an immigrant?

No disrespect intended to immigrants. I was just wondering how many US citizens could actually pass the test given to immigrants who have applied for citizenship.

The test is quite comprehensive and delves into current events and US history quite extensively. I have created this 20 question quiz from the 100 samples questions given to help prospective candidates study for the exam.

Try your luck and see if you have what it takes to be a Citizen. No cheating!

Good luck.

For the full list of sample questions check out this site.



W said...

Interesting post. Americans have to learn all of that through school, so presumably all Americans have been taught enough to pass.

Mostly Politics:

Notoriously Conservative said...

I missed one. I am a bad citizen...

Arden Forester said...

I got 75% which I think is pretty good. What sort of quiz suggests that Jefferson Davis had anything to do with the Declaration of Independence? Unless of course that it is the other declaration! George Bush president during World War I? Is that sort of question put in so that anyone answering it gets the bums rush immediately?

This quiz is good fun but its on a par with the British one. Designed to get automotons through passport control!

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