There is a brand new, big, beautiful website which at this point is devoted exclusively to the issue of whether or not Barack Obama is constitutionally qualified to be President of the United States!

It challenges the talk-show hosts to look the issue square in the face, and is packed with videos, and links to legit material evidence to the most important key to this issue: The fact that Barack Obama has ordered his lawyers to keep his long-form birth certificate from being made public - A fact we know for certain because Obama's lawyers responses to suits demanding to see the birth certificate are public record and they say, in essence, "no, the american people cannot see it."

The new site is called 800 POUND GORILLA MEDIA DOT COM, and it's big, loud, beautiful and in-your-face in the best all-American tradition, and I'm proud to be part of it! It's loaded with goodies and has a message board, so please help this site get this up and running and be an active participant!

We are in perilous times, but there's hope! Here's the link: www.800poundgorillamedia.com

Thanks Mary


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