The sins of the father...

The sins of the father…

When will America be rid of the specter of racism? We have elected the first black president, are about to appoint a Hispanic female Supreme Court justice and yet we are still apologizing for the sins of our fathers.

Black, Hispanic, Asian and every other ethnic minority enjoy unprecedented opportunities in this country. There is now no office that has not been held by a minority.

So why is our government apologizing for slavery over a 140 years after the fact? Is this just another attempt to distract the American public from the Marxist policies of Obama?

I found this diamond in the rough hiding on MSNBC (excerpts from article are in bold):

Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation
Nothing in measures supports or authorizes reparations by United States

Well that’s certainly good news. We, the morally reprehensible white folk, have finally come clean and admitted our wrong doing. Wait, none of us were alive during slavery, owned slaves, or oppressed anyone; so why is our government apologizing on our behalf?

WASHINGTON - The Senate has unanimously passed a resolution apologizing for slavery and racial segregation in the U.S. and sent the measure to the House.

Democrat Tom Harkin first introduced the measure years ago but wanted it passed Thursday on the eve of Juneteenth, June 19, a day of celebration commemorating the end of the Civil War in 1865 and the release of African Americans from slavery. He said the House is to take it up soon and that a formal celebration will be held next month.

Juneteenth Day events are held in communities around the U.S. to commemorate the day in 1865 when Union soldiers landed at Galveston, Texas, to announce the Civil War was over and that slaves were free.

I must have been living in a cave or something as this is the first time I have heard of the Juneteenth celebration. I certainly am glad that the slaves were freed of their bonds over 144 years ago but I still can’t escape the feeling that as a white male American I am still being held accountable for the sins of our founders.

I feel like I must defend the fact that I was born white. I feel as if I have to state that I never owned a slave; neither did my father, my grandfather, or his father and so on. I have never advocated slavery, racism or anything of the kind. As a white American I am presumed racists until proven otherwise.

It is this apologizing and pandering that perpetuates the myth that every white man and women were somehow unindicted coconspirators to the slavery business. This country will never progress until we stop creating such divides.

I have no doubt that I will be labeled as a racist for my views but I look at it this way: I am already assumed racist because I am white; what have I got to lose for speaking my mind?

The truth is this proclamation has nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with distraction. This diverts the attention of the people from the circus act that is Obama and his administration to ancillary issues.

Maybe our government should be apologizing for creating a whole new class of slaves, the ones now dependant on the government for their very existence.

Maybe they should apologize for enslaving our youth with crushing debt and taxes.

Maybe they should apologize for abandoning the constitution in favor of socialism.

But instead they choose to distract and mislead.

Make no mistake, slavery was terrible and I am ashamed that this country was a guilty of it in our past. We are past that, we are better than that. We need to move on and let the demons of our past lay. None who were guilty of that crime are alive to pay for it.

We cannot punish the innocent and call it justice; we cannot take from the blameless and call it reparations when it is clearly nothing less than a travesty. We cannot move past slavery when our own government seeks to enslave us all.


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