Obama May Not Be the International Rock Star the Media Claims

Remember back when BHO was making his whirlwind tour apologizing for America and the media was gushing about how the world just loved him and how America would now be able to work with our world neighbors? We just couldn't get cooperation because everyone hated 'W' so much; things would be so much different now.

Well there seems to be a little tension between BHO and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel.

French President Sarkozy isn't too thrilled with him either. And Obama humiliated Prime Minister Gordon Brown, so that pretty much takes care of Europe.

Here's Iran's response to Obama's overtures!

The Israeli's hate his guts and for good reason.

And despite the pomp and circumstance of the dog and pony show Egypt put on for his appearance, it seems the Middle Eastern VIPs in the reception line either just didn't notice him or were deliberately snubbing him. Watch closely in the following slow motion video of person after person ignoring BHO's outstretched hand.

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