More Liberal Environmentalist Fraud

Fraud is rampant, but here's one rip-off scam the FTC will never investigate or charge. In fact they will probably get government funding or an award of some kind at least, but don't give them your money.

The scam? World Wildlife Fund. They are running TV ads much like the 'feed the children' ads begging for donations to save the polar bears whose poor cubs are starving because the ice cap is melting.

My first problem with this is that even if their claim is true, how is my monetary donation going to help the polar bears. Are they going to use it to bribe Mother Nature into re-freezing the ice cap? Buy air conditioners? Haul seal meat to the North Pole and hand feed the bears? Set up Polar Bear igloo homeless shelters? What?

Secondly, their entire claim is false. Oh, the ice cap goes through warm cycles and melting and the bears probably do suffer (there is nothing they can do about it) and then it is replenished during a cooler cycle and life goes on. The same thing is happening with the world's climate; it's an established cycle and the liberals are either lying or delusional.

Climate science's bipolar disorder

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“NYT and Reporter Revkin Issue ‘Correction’ – Admit ‘Error’ in Front Page Global Warming Article Touted By Gore!”

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