The Marxist Indoctrination of America is Complete

I've known for years that our children have been indoctrinated for several generations by the National Education Association (NEA) and it continues into universities by radical socialist professors.

The NEA is a hardcore socialist organization bent on undermining US sovereignty and creation of a one-world socialist order. They have been dumbing-down and brainwashing children to accept socialist propaganda (referred to as progressive liberalism) and making it sound altruistic with nice sounding code words and titles that make people believe they are being good citizens by following the liberal agenda.

Hand-in-glove with liberal media, they conditioned most people under the age of 50 not to think for themselves and to accept what they are told by the media and the liberal political elite as fact.

Ergo, we now have an alien, Muslim in the White House and we all simply ignore his destruction of the nation.

Take a look at item #17 of the 39 Soviet goals in influencing the United States per the Congressional Record of January 10, 1963.

Now watch this video through to it's conclusion.

Posted by Seaspook


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