Liar, Liar, the world is not on fire.

With the vote on cap and trade looming large this week I though it would only be fair to allow Obama to tell us in his own words what is in store for us under his plan. The following video is from January of 2008. Listen closely as Obama tells us exactly what we can expect:

From the horse’s mouth: “Energy costs will necessarily skyrocket” under “my plan”. Could there be any evidence more convincing than the words of the architect of cap and trade?

The sad fact is that costs will rise across the board. Everything we eat, drink, wear, drive and use is in someway manufactured or transported by means that require energy. That means everything we eat, drink, wear drive and use will see a commensurate rise in price.

What is troubling is that even if the cap and trade plan were to go off without a hitch and meet all projections and expectations the result will allegedly be a .1 (one tenth) of a degree drop in global temperature in a 100 years. That is of course if you accept the anthropogenic global warming argument. That argument is not quite as settled as Obama would have us believe. There are almost 32,000 scientists who disagree with our esteemed leader's assessment.

The question is simply this: Is the power and money we are about to turn over to our bloated, inefficient and corrupt government going to be worth the cost (that’s right cost, as we have already determined there is no real benefit)? We lose. We are looking at adding somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 a year in taxes to the average household in a time when we can ill afford the additional burden.

Obama now claims that we will benefit and there will be no cost to consumers. He is lying. This new position directly contradicts what he said in the above video. Listen to his own words as he said it best: “they will have to retrofit their operations that will cost money; they will pass that money on to consumers”. Enough said.


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