Response to Rob Thomas's "The Big Gay Chip on my Shoulder"

By: Patriot Advocate

I read Rob Thomas's article on

The "gay" issue aside....Name one of the founding fathers that was an atheist? There is one, but I bet Rob Thomas cannot name him. This is a major misconception among students of pseudo-historians today. By and large the founders were Christian. Very active ones at that. Hence, "In God We Trust", hence the reference to God and Natures God... etc. ad hominem and etc.

One last thought on this article: Rob comes short on another point. THERE IS NO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN THE CONSTITUTION. There is separation, but not explicitly in the constitution.

At the time of the founding, most states had an official state religion, be it Catholic, Quaker, Episcopalian, or whatever form the state desired. Whether that was a good idea or not is another discussion.

After reading the rest of the article, it seems like it should have been titled: "A Religious Chip on My Shoulder." Rob shares his ignorant view that since atheists can enter into marraiges, everybody/thing should be able to do it. Here's a quick point though, marraige is an inherently religious term. In fact, if you believe the Bible, the first Marraige was performed by God when he married Adam and Eve. A TRUE ATHIEST would not consider marriage. As marriage in their view is "an artificial social construct designed to enslave the masses and prevent them from enjoying the fullness of life."

Instead the true practicing atheist would simply co-habitate and copulate with the one of their choice. something they are able to do under our laws, just like the gays are free to co-habitate and copulate under our laws today. There is a religious aspect to our government and laws; to ignore it or pretend it is not there is to accept a premise proposed by someone who despises Christianity, the founding of our country, and has probably never read the constitution or any intelligent book, ever. Maybe Rob should just go back to "pushing himself around."


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