Obama in a Swimsuit - Washingtonian Magazine

The President of the United States of America. Since George Washington it has been a position of great power, great responsibility, great prestige. At some point Americans began to be less and less respectful of that office. President Bush was treated like a mentally challenged child wearing a crash helmet. Bill Clinton was portrayed as a sex hungry, over eater (not all portrayals were exaggerations). And Obama? Well he is treated as a God, a celebrity, and a sex symbol. Case and point? The cover of Washingtonian Magazine.

This is going too far people. It is one thing to ridicule a Presidents decisions, or in a fit of rage, throw some insults his way. It is another to worship him. It is ok if you like Obama. To the uninformed or the deniers of plain fact, he has many appealing qualities. But to put him in a swimsuit, on the cover of a magazine, with the caption "Our new neighbor is hot" is going too far. The office of the President should be respected, and held to a higher level of formality.

One last thing, you will notice the photo has been doctored, significantly. Haha.


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